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Ukrainian brand
of women's shoes


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Ukrainian brand
of women's shoes

Ukrainian women's shoe brand SHAMA was created to emphasize the sophistication and femininity of the fair sex. "Give a girl the right pair of shoes, and she can conquer the world," Marilyn Monroe, the world-famous actress, said. Therefore, even the most demanding beauty in the Ukrainian brand SHAMA shoes will feel at her best.

We make exquisite women's shoes for special occasions. Our boots will become a perfect completion for your party outfit. Going to a wedding, a party, or a solemn event? The classic colors and trendy metallic, glittering crystals give the shoe an exclusive and chic look. The mix of traditional colors and modern metallic, glittering crystals give the shoe an upscale and stylish look. So get ready to catch admiring glances on your legs!

We began our journey in 2018 from a small workshop, all work we carried out manually. Both then and now, we use only the best materials to create brand shoes for women. We pay great attention to every single detail and the quality of our products.

The whole team is inspired by the brand philosophy - to make affordable and luxurious shoes with comfortable heels. We do this, and we are proud to make Ukrainian premium-class shoes. Furthermore, we do our best to turn every purchase of pair of shoes into a holiday for its owner.

For us, shoes are not just part of the wardrobe. It is something that inspires, shimmers, and makes every lady feel happy. We produce branded shoes for exceptional women. Each pair does not just emphasize the beauty and sophistication of women's legs, but it also brings emotion, energy, and love.

When we create our collections, we understand what women expect from shoes. Every pair is a real work of art, which fascinates, gives confidence, elegance, and nobility:

  • exquisite shoes;
  • elegant sandals;
  • practical loafers.

High-quality premium materials, ideal cut, original design, and attention to detail help us to create such masterpieces.

High-quality and comfortable women's shoes

Every woman wants to be stylish and unique. High-quality and comfortable women's shoes play a special role in creating such an image, as they emphasize taste and reveal the identity and character of their owner. When choosing a new pair of women's shoes, many representatives of the fair sex pay attention only to design and trends. 

However, women's shoes must be not only beautiful but also quality. After all, it depends on not only the comfort of its owner but even health. Substandard heels or sandals can rub, squeeze, and obstruct average blood circulation. In the future, it can turn into such troubles as calluses, foot deformation, and even hurt the spin. 

High-quality women's shoes by brand SHAMA will help to avoid such problems. With our women's shoes, women do not have to make a choice - beautiful or comfortable. All products are simultaneously exquisite, high-quality, and wearable. With our boots, you'll forget the phrase "beauty requires sacrifice" and enjoy each step and a lovely view of your legs.

Italian-made shoes for women

The standard of quality and style for the fair sex is Italian-made women's shoes. And this is no accident, as Italy has been holding first place in footwear fashion for many centuries. It is pretty symbolic, as this country on the map this country looks like a woman's boot. For centuries Italian designers have been polishing their traditions and production secrets and have passed them on from generation to generation.

It is safe to say that Italian shoes have conquered the world. Stars and famous politicians, as well as ordinary people, wear them. Quality materials and perfect production make Italian shoes unique. The most famous designers strive to work with Italian masters as it guarantees customer satisfaction. Moreover, Italian artisans create both stylish and flawlessly comfortable footwear.

In 2022, the SHAMA brand launched a premium line of Italian-made women's shoes. We produce them in Italy in a factory with a great history and tradition. The experience of many generations, combined with the latest technologies, has inspired us to trust Italian masters. After all, Italian women's shoes are not only style but also time-tested quality.

We create Italian women's shoes for different images and occasions. Each pair will give its owner elegance, comfort, and chic.

  • Gorgeous stilettos will be the ideal solution for a party, romantic evening, or solemn event. Their brightness and attractiveness perfectly emphasize the completeness of the female image.
  • Elegant sandals enhance the beauty of women's legs. It is an excellent choice for those who are ready to catch themselves admiring glances.
  • Classic modern loafers, complemented by a luxurious note, will be suitable for both dress and pants. Such models are versatile - ideal for everyday wear and special events and complement both business and romantic images.

Buy women's shoes from the brand SHAMA

For a woman, shoes are an extraordinary passion. We know how women are sensitive to the choice of each pair. So, we ensured they could buy SHAMA women's shoes from us.

Why buying Ukrainian brand SHAMA women's shoes - is the best choice?

  • Italian manufacturing is a style and quality tested by time. The family traditions of shoe manufacturing combined with modern technology make it possible to create elegant and high-quality products. 
  • Ukrainian brand. We are proud to produce premium shoes. Buying Ukrainian brand shoes from us means being stylish and enjoying excellent quality. 
  • Original design - we put a piece of ourselves into each model. We are working to make each pair delight you with its design and never lose its relevance. 
  • High-quality materials. Natural suede, highest quality textiles, reliable accessories - selected materials guarantee pleasant and extended use.
  • Comfortable - it is easy to wear even high-heeled shoes. Moreover, Italian shoe lasts are considered the most convenient throughout the modern world.
  • Comfortable - perfectly sit on foot and provide good air access. Thanks to this, there is no discomfort, and the foot does not get tired. 
  • Creative design solutions. We follow the latest footwear fashion trends and successfully embody them in our products. 
  • Attention to detail. We want every pair to be unique, so we pay special attention to the decor. Even classic models become original if supplemented by an exciting decoration. 
  • Shoes are for everyday wear, as well as for special moments. With us, you can buy quality women's shoes for different occasions: for a party or every day. So choose your style and color! You can purchase original and stylish women's shoes in our online store. Elegant shoes, exquisite sandals, or practical loafers - choose a pair or several that you will like!

You can purchase original and stylish women's shoes in our online store. Elegant shoes, exquisite sandals, or practical loafers - choose a pair or several that you will like! 

It is convenient to place an order on our website. Our consultants will help you to choose the right design and size. We will gladly ensure that the shoes are on your feet as soon as possible. 

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